XBTH001010 XBTH002010 XBT-H012110 XBT-H001010 Keyboard Keypad

группа Magalis XBT P/PM/H/HM/E
MOQ 1 piece
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Время обновления 2019-03-20
Touch screen panel typeResistive touch screen
Warranty365 Days
Shipping3-5 workdays
KeywordTouch Screen Repair
NameXBT-H012110 XBT-H001010 Membrane Keypad switch
Related Part No.XBTH001010 XBTH002010 membrane keypad keyboard
Related Part No.XBTH001010 XBTH002010 XBT-H012110 XBT-H001010
XBTH001010 XBTH002010 XBT-H012110 XBT-H001010 Membrane Keypad for Schneider HMI Panel Repair

The XBTH001010 XBT-H001010 keyboard switch use to replacement Schneider Magelis XBT HMI series. This accessory is 100% compatible and works fine after replacement. It is very durable and a highly cost-effective method for maintaining broadband communications over factory floors seamlessly.
The XBTH001010 HMI features 60 KB of memory and it has 10 to 40 Volts DC input power. Its normal operation requires an operating voltage of 35V DC and produces an operating current of 100mA 1W.

The XBT-H001010 membrane keypad is normal operating temperature ranges from - 20 C to + 80 C and storage temperature ranges from - 40 C to + 80 C, so we should pay attention to the ambient temperature in order to avoid harmful effects on the equipment. In addition, when the users are mounting the XBTH001010 on a panel, it is critical that the users disconnect all the electrical power and make sure that the area around the panel is cleared and to ensure that nothing falls into or onto the installation panel of the module through the DIP switch hole or through the ventilation slots.

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The table below describes the parameters of the Magelis XBTH001010 XBTH002010 operator Parts.

Part Number : XBTH001010 XBTH002010
Product Line: Magelis XBT-H Series
Terminals Size: 3.8-15 inch
Warranty: 180 Days Warranty
Touch Technology: Resistive
Rated Voltage: DC 5V 1mA
Operating Temp.: -10℃~+80℃
Storage Temp.: -20℃~+70℃
lineation test: ≥1.000.000 times
Input Type: ≥100.000 times 

PDF Download:

  • Magelis XBTH001010 User Manual Product datasheet PDF
  • Schneider XBTH002010 User Manual Product datasheet PDF

  • Magelis XBT-H Series Part No.

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    XBTH001010 Terminals with Alphanumeric Screen In Stock
    XBTH002010 Terminals with Text Display In Stock
    XBTH011010 Terminals with Alphanumeric Screen In Stock
    XBTH012010 Terminals with Text Display Call
    XBTH012110 Terminals with Alphanumeric Screen Call
    XBTH021010 Terminals with Text Display In Stock
    XBTH022010Display Units with matrix screen In Stock
    XBTH811050 Display Units with matrix screen In Stock
    XBTHM007010 Display Units with matrix screen In Stock
    XBTHM017010 Display Units with matrix screen In Stock
    XBTHM017110 Display Units with matrix screen In Stock
    XBTHM027010 Display Units with matrix screen In Stock
    XBTHM017010A8 Display Units with matrix screen In Stock
    Schneider XBT-H/HM Description Inventory status


    Question: How large is the memory of the Schneider XBTH001010 XBTH002010 operator Terminal?

    Answer: The Magelis HMI has 128 Kb Flash EPROM and 200 application pages approximately (2 lines per page).

    Question: Are there keys on the XBTH001010 XBTH002010 terminal?

    Answer: Yes, the operator has 4 function keys and 1 service.

    Question: What is the price of XBTH001010 XBTH002010 operator terminal Parts?

    Answer: Submit a quote request, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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